is a variety shopping and membership site, offering wide range of locally stocked and dropshipped products, in addition to a number of programs that helps our members save money and find the right products, fast.

Even with lots of products across several categories, we are not able to supply everything that our site visitors are looking for. We sometimes receive inquiries about products that we do not stock. Through product recommendations from affiliate stores, we are able to help our visitors find the products they need, while creating a source of revenue for the site.

We offer a number of incentives to turn visitors into members and earn their loyalty. We offer cashback, and discount pricing for our members. We also offer points and other rewards for things like sharing product reviews and recommendations. Our Products Scout and Deals Scout programs engage our members and give them opportunity to earn cash points. Our FundnSave fundraiser gives members the option to contribute their earnings to their preferred project or organization, such as church, club, or sports team, further deepening the tie between us, our members, and even the organizations they belong to.

This is a newly launched website, but with our unique concept, a website built from the ground up to execute this concept, and our zeal and commitment to providing clear benefits to our users, we expect a steady and loyal membership that will yield even greater benefits for our members and associates.